Analysing the Reports

How Do I Access CRM?

What is the Dashboard?

Customising the Dashboard

Adding Reports

What is the Activities Section?

Creating an Activity

Adding Users to an Activity

Adding an Activity Owner

Viewing and Editing Activities

Completing an Activity

Reopening an Activity

Creating Activity Tags

Viewing the History Log

Viewing Completed Activities

Viewing Outstanding Activities


Creating an Opportunity

Adding an Opportunity Owner

Opportunity Pipeline

Products and Services

Viewing and Editing Opportunities

Creating Opportunity Tags

Deleting an Opportunity

Filtering an Opportunity

Viewing Lost Opportunities

Viewing Won Opportunities


Creating a Case

Adding a Company to a Case

Adding Users to a Case

Adding a Case Owner

Adding an Activity to a Case

Viewing and Editing Cases

Changing the Case Stage

Creating Case Tags

Filtering a Case

Viewing Open Cases

Viewing Closed Cases


Searching for a Company

Adding a New Company

Adding a Company to an Activity

Adding an Account Manager



Adding Contacts to a Company

Adding Contact Tags

Adding a Main Contact


Creating a Report

Report Type Options

Choosing Report Fields

Filtering the Data

Customising the Report

Creating a Target Line and Labels

Formatting the Report

Copying a Report

Sharing a Report

Printing and Exporting Reports

Deleting a Report


Tag Management (Key User Role)

How can I change my Password?